Your clients have college-related questions all the time, like investing in 529 plans, qualifying for financial aid, shifting assets, refinancing mortgages, or taking out loans. As a Certified College Funding Specialist™, you have instant access to proven college financial strategies, including financial aid, taxes, cash flow, investments, mortgages, and loans.

Finding accurate answers for your clients and their specific financial scenarios is important in today’s world.

We have those answers.

More importantly, we have an efficient and effective way of getting them to you.

Often, researching answers and running scenarios happen a few moments before your client arrives at your office. We know that is not practical to spend hours reading when you only have minutes. 

Of course, the read-a-lot option is always available. If you are busy, like most of our members, you probably just want quick and accurate answers.

If you fall into the quick answer camp…. 

“I have this client that has (fill-in-the-scenario) and I want to know (fill-in-the-blank).”

then here is how we handle it.

First, you can browse our Learning Library. We have a search by keyword, phrase or tag function. We recommend searching the Quick Answers section of the Learning Library to get the most common questions asked about funding college.

Secondly, you can ask a question in our member-only discussion forums. We have a Client Cases & Scenarios section that is moderated by our staff and other members can chime in with their input as well.